Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Walk of Friendship with David Wu

It has been more than a year since I last blogged. Today, I felt the need to share with you the story of an ordinary man's journey. One that I have had the pleasure to experience as well as indulge in. 

It all started with a man named David. Surname, Wu. The guy who kick started Projek Wumah. By now, if you are someone that keeps tabs on whose who, Mr Wu-Man is definitely someone not to be missed from your list of people who makes a difference. A true Malaysian at heart.

 A stranger I met by chance through a mutual FB group that has now, not only earned my respect but is like family to me. What made him stand out in my eyes from the start was his giving and caring nature. He helps people without expecting anything in return. I would know, for I was one of them. In fact thanks to him and his brilliant idea of recommending his friends and strangers alike, to order the pineapple jam tarts that I started selling online during the recent fasting month for the folks of Kampung Kubang Gabus, boost my sale tenfold. At that moment in time, I have not even met him! A single act of kindness that made a difference to my existence. Not only did I manage to earn a decent amount of money, I also had a chance to be of use to society and had an opportunity to do some good. It was only much later before we got to say hi face to face. By then, it was like meeting an old friend. Happy to note, that jam tarts and our passion for the less fortunate brought us together. 

Last Sept 9th, David started walking by the streets of Malaysia ( from Merdeka Square, KL heading towards Kampung Kubang Gabus, Kelantan ) with an intent to foster relationships amongst us Malaysians as well as to create an awareness to raise funds for Projek Wumah. You can check out either his own FB page or the Projek Wumah page for the latest information on his whereabouts. Last I heard, he has reached Kelantan and is dreading another uphill climb a few hours ago. I have personally decided to write this blog as an ode to him. 

I wouldn't have been able to join him on the second day of the walk had it not been for his good friend Mujahidin Zulkiffli. With Din's help, I got to hitch a ride to where David was. It was a spur of the moment decision and since I was off, I thought why not? Lets just wu it! Wu it we did. From Batu Caves towards Hulu Yam. Beautiful scenery along the way. Something I would not have been able to experience otherwise. Met some Malaysians along the way and was inspired to say hello. The t-shirt boosted my confidence.
We even gave some of it away in good faith. On that day, Din and I had to leave him a quarter of the way as there was an important meeting to be attended to in KL. I have to admit that I had wished to be able to walk farther with him. Tak puas :)

My chance came once again on the 9th day (17/09/2015). This time around, he was already in Raub getting ready for Malaysia Day. My good friend Vasukee, my son Ryan and I arrived at our hotel around 2300 that night. He came down to the lobby with a limp and a face that has seen many lonely and winding roads all within the last few days, gave me a hug, welcomed us and went up to sleep. We on the other hand went to have supper next door. A lovely tom yam dish, with rice, kai lan, salted fish and fried eggs. Yummeh!

The next morning, we had a hearty breakfast together with our family and friends. Shah, the back up driver joined us halfway through.
It was raining then. So we waited for it to stop. The good thing was, it cleared the haze. Thank God! Lovely start to the day.
We were met by two ladies just as we were about to leave. Pearly and Felicia. It was our first time meeting them. Nice to have had company. David gave us a short and simple briefing right before heading off for our walk. 

As always, it is fun when you get to do meaningful activities with your loved ones. Ryan enjoyed himself tremendously especially when he gets to sit in the vehicle with Shah after walking for a while. They went on a jalan jalan cari makan trip while we, continued to walk in the scorching hot sun and cooling rain. We stopped for breaks along the way. Drank and ate to keep our energies up. I also had my first taste of Rambutan Jam. People were curious. Some asked what are we up to, some shied away stealing glances when they think we are not looking. Midway through our journey, a car drove close by and halted infront of David. It stopped all of us on our tracks. Worried and curious all at the same time. A couple then came out with a huge grin on their faces, introduced themselves to David as Siti Kasim's friends and handed him 6 packets of coconut water. It was Godsend. Halleluyah! Alhamdulillah! Praise The Lord! It was such a sweet gesture, it made me feel so loved. I can now imagine how such little acts of kindness will mean so much to David, along this solo journey of his. None of this would have been experienced nor any of us can do what we did had it not been for David's pure determination and selflessness. It has inspired a nation. Me, personally. I am also glad to have been able to include my son for this walk. As we left David that evening at Kilometre 21 to head home to KL, while he continued walking forward and onwards, my heart and most sincere respect goes to him for doing what others could have done and yet did not want to or were not able to..Godspeed David.

Thank you for making our world a much better place to live in :)