Saturday, December 24, 2016

Remember the Reason for the Season

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year Everyone!

Last December, Bob ( that's what my mom calls him eventhough I named him Marley ) dashed into our home without a second thought & since then, he has been a part of our family. It was my first experience adopting a cat. Needless to say, plenty of new experiences along the way!

I gave up lock downs coz the more I tried to stop him from galivanting ( more to protect him than anything ), the sleekier he became at escaping. After a while I just left the door & windows open. I told him " Go ahead. I'll give you back your freedom. After all, you were never mine in the first place. Know that you have a home to come back to, whenever. Just be safe! "

From then on, it was Christmas for him all the way. We used to worry like crazy.. And yet, now that he can do whatever he likes, there are days that he'd rather laze about at home instead. Not only that, at least now, that I've learned to leave him be, I am able to sleep better at night!

There were times he got lost on different floors of the apartment building ( smart enough to enter the lift but too short to press the button to go down or up ) but as times goes by, he became smarter, so the lift ended up becoming his hotel room ). He either gets the right floor at times, we have to go search for him if not, and sometimes, kind neighbours & apartment guards will escort him back to our unit.
He's quite the charmer! There, enough said

Christmas to me, has always been about love & the act of giving. I was introduced to the spirit of the season, years ago, when my uncle brought my mom, brother & I to live with him. He was my first Santa. He gave us gifts, beautiful lavish ones & yet, to me, his biggest gift was his heart. Home was no longer a place. It was family. Those were meaningful moments of my lifetime.

He died recently, on the 2nd of Dec. However, he didn't take Christmas with him. Why is that so? Because to me, for as long as I continue to remember his kindness & good deeds to not only my family but everyone else, Christmas will forever remain a huge part of my life. He showed me during his lifetime that Christmas does not have to be just for a season. It is how you live your life everyday & in memory of him, I shall strive to continue that tradition.

We have had bad days, really bad ones, he & I. Suffering alone or not being able to be there for the ones you love is tragic. May you be at peace now.

Speaking of Christmas, I am happy to share that the spirit of Christmas still lives on even for those that have converted to other religions or even from those that are not Christians. As of yesterday itself, my mom, son & I got to have a wonderful Christmas eve dinner thanks to a Muslim couple's generosity. May the blessings be.

So to those that thinks it "Haram", to wish anyone a Merry Christmas, do take a moment to think about our other non Muslim friends who for the love of God, never hesitates to wish us Selamat Hari Raya :)
Lets be the light that shines the soul & may we always have love in our hearts.

So, to all those of you who feels glum this Christmasy season, take heart. It was never about money & neither is it about anything glitzy..Look around. There is always someone in need of some cheering. Be generous in any way you can! You are not alone.