Monday, August 6, 2018

"Until Every Cage is Empty"

"Strong people don't put others down...they lift them up." - Michael P. Watson

I cheer for people. I am raised to believe that there is enough sun for everybody. I am also glad that I know of others who feels the same way too. When people support each other, magic happens!

My journey of self discovery, transformation right up to Legacy started last August via The Advanced Living Series by Milestone Sdn Bhd. It was when I was at my lowest that I found my precious gifts. The gift of love and the gift of giving. I was shown the beauty that was inside of me and the kindness of others. The courage of accountability. The strength to let go of the past. The wisdom to forgive not only myself but others too. Thus, being responsible, authentic and knowing how to live a meaningful life became inevitable.

Legacy is Life. Life is Legacy. December was a crucial month to have graduated from a year full of dramas and heartache for me. My 100 days of results were the breakthroughs I acquired to form new habits, switched old patterns and live life with certainty. I had so much to look forward to, no longer drowning in the games people play.

Day in and day out I had the opportunity to push myself to the limit and rise above the noises in my head. I experienced resistance, setbacks and triumphs. I healed from within and eventually became whole again. I operated from love instead of fear. I became aware that I am the source of what I want therefore I set out to create what was needed of me.

Support and learnings came from everywhere. I had my trainers, small group leaders, seniors and buddies to be thankful for. Their existence was critical for my growth. Challenging me to my greatness and watching me blossom right before their eyes was I am sure, their biggest achievement!

From then on, there was no turning back. I can't pretend to not know what I now know. As I continue on my life's path, I am now aware of the power that I have in me to shift when necessary, adapt as I go along, dig a little deeper to understand myself as well as others better and to be okay with who I am without any reservations. No more seeking for approval or begging for scraps of affection.

I paid a huge price for loving those who did not know how to love themselves least of all me. Energy does not lie. It was a slow death of sorts. As painful as it was, yet undeniably a neccessary lesson for me. A dangerous way to have loved. I was so very close to the edge of turning exactly into someone I wasn't. This training brought me back to my core! Something that I'll forever be grateful for.

My buddies were my mirrors. They reflected everything that was in me and around me. Things that I am meant to see. Stuff to wake me up from. Deep rooted sense of beliefs and denials. No longer interested to give excuses on behalf of those I love and courage to accept feedbacks that are purely based on love and honesty. I saw the worst and best of me. I visited the strongest and vulnerable side of me. I learned to embrace my cellulites and all! Hence, loving myself unconditionally and others abundantly in the process. My biggest take was to have been reminded of my worth and how much love I still have inside of me when I thought I had nothing left to give. That was priceless!

The video that you are about to watch is a testament of what a group of committed, passionate, caring and responsible individuals can do and have done for the community. Witness the powerful ripple effect of Legacy 62's MAD Day event. An event that is a part of what being Legacy is all about.

We were once a bunch of strangers from all walks of life that came together as one big family and in unison towards a common goal and vision. A cause that was close and dear to our hearts. It was at this very moment that we gained the wisdom to understand the difference of being busy versus being productive!

Things were carried out effectively and without excuses. Our intention was clear. We had a plan, a certain target to hit, a time limit and a chosen group of recipients. Each of us had different tasks to achieve, stuff to handle and the option to support one another when we can. Making a difference became an automatic response to each other and for each other. TRUST was the glue that brought it all together.

Choosing the location of our MAD Day event was a no brainer. Our buddy and MAD Day Captain, is one of the Paediatricians at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. We therefore decided collectively, to assist the special needs kids of that particular hospital and their parents with some immediate essentials. An awesome feat! It took all 32 of us about three weeks to come up with a sum of RM75k. We eventually had more than that, so some lucky others were presented with last minute necessities! With that raised funds, we got hold of suppliers and purchased customised wheelchairs, breathing machines, other medical equipment, milk powders as well as diapers.

We had a party at the hospital grounds, a photo booth and a clown to entertain the little ones, lots of food and drinks, mostly sponsored by generous donors and plenty of fun filled entertainment too! What we lack in monetary terms, we made up by being creative and resourceful ourselves. The kids had lots of fun, the staff at the hospital were helpful, the parents and family members were grateful, and we got to sleep well that night knowing that we had made a difference in other people's lives. It was a day that was meant for something bigger than ourselves!

As a heartfelt bonus information, there was a generous and loving mother, that I got to know of, whose cancer stricken son I had been entertaining during my free time at a different hospital ( as part of my individual contribution during my Legacy journey ), who chose to contribute ice creams for the special needs kids and their family members on that very day when she heard of our plan, as she owns an ice cream truck business. I was extremely touched when she suggested to be part of our gesture to bring some joy to others. Her ice creams became the highlight of the event!

Nothing is impossible when you focus your mind, heart and soul into it. Clear intentions combined with necessary actions are a must. Leaders create Leaders and when each are able to operate successfully on their own and in a group, team effort then becomes a force to be reckon with! Results speaks and that is the backbone of each Legacy. What you pay attention to, GROWS.

" Who are we?
  Legacy 62!
  We live!
  We love!
  We lead! "

By utilising each other's strengths and supporting each other's weaknesses, we made it work and so can you!

Be Legacy and experience it for yourselves! A soulful journey worth diving into at least, once in your lifetime :)