Thursday, August 18, 2016

Say Something Nice Campaign 2016 - Chef Leah With a Big Heart

Hello everyone! Please meet Chef Leah Choy. One of last year's recipient of the Young Changemakers Award 2015. 7 years young... with an old, wise & beautiful soul. She started a baking & painting business at the age of 4 1/2, to help raise money for her sister, Adele. Since then, Leah has earned at least RM29k for her sibling's recovery program/treatments in Philadelphia & has managed to even bake for the homeless over here.

Her innocent, fearless & can do spirit has brought her much love, support & success. She originally learnt how to bake, mostly through youtube. Her family, helps & guides her along the way.

I got a chance to speak to her for the 1st time over the phone today, early this morning. Needless to say, I felt like a proud parent. My maternal instinct took over automatically & she had an earful of advise & encouragement. She sounded so adult in her thinking & speech, she took me by suprise. How lovely! :)

She was heading off to Jakarta with her mom, Tay Mei Yean today. Since I am not able to meet her at the airport early this morning, I wanted to thank her personally for baking me such adorable & most thoughtful cupcakes. I had ordered it at the very last minute & yet she was able to accommodate my request. I am truly amazed. As this was going to be her first journey & flight with MH, she was pretty excited & so were we. ( the ones who knew about it ). I do hope she enjoyed her journey with us!

Speaking of cupcakes, if you know me well enough, you'll know that I can never resist 'em! I have many fond memories of having cupcakes with my closest & dearest girlfriends, Daphne & Leela in particular. We used to have such cravings for them! I even had a childhood friend, Wan Nor Hasny, who baked & sent to me, early this year, the most yummilicious homemade Red Velvet Cupcakes that I have ever tasted! ( The 1 year wait was worth every single bite, babes.. hehe! )

Eversince then, I have yet to have my cupcake fix, therefore, I am so looking forward & can't wait to sink my teeth into them gorgeous cutie pies again & savour those lovely little sinful bites of pleasure! ( but of course I'll share some with the rest of my operating crew members lah.. It is especially meaningful to me because Leah made it & I am super touched by her efforts! Lets see who will be the lucky ones working with me today :)

You can find out more about passionate Leah & that big heart of hers through her FB page @ Chef Leah With A Big Heart. Please do go, share & like it. Follow her progress & get inspired in the process! Do also consider ordering from her someday. She bakes other stuff too & paints art to sell. All these, so that she can help her family, fund her younger sister Adele's treatments in the US. May our paths cross again & hopefully, I'll be able to meet up with her & the family one of these days. In the meantime, keep flying high Leah :)

Do visit Leah at the opening ( 25th Aug ) & closing ceremony ( 24th Sept ) of the Say Something Nice Campaign by Anas Zubedy. ( You can check their Many Colors One Race FB & Instagram pages for more info ) She & their team, will be baking & selling her cupcakes as well as other things for the ones present. ( pay as you like ). The proceeds will all go to Adele's fund. What better way to be a part of something bigger than ourselves..Thanking all of you in advance!

Selamat Hari Merdeka & Hari Malaysia 2016 my fellow Malaysians! May we continue to be human first :)

 LEAH, ADELE & MEI YEAN with their kind advocate LEIA from Philly :)

This morning's gift for us from Leah ( we ordered those ) & some of the front end MH team that have made an effort to ensure Leah & mom will have a safe as well as a memorable flight with us. I wouldn't have known about Leah & family had it not been for Captan Afif ( seated ) in the first place. Thanks to him, MH & the rest of us had the opportunity to give something nice back!

Jangan lupa datang and meet one of our youngest Unity agents this 25th! Lets keep her spirit going & her heart full of love for always.....

I was so excited to see my cupcakes & so syiok eating it, that I forgot to open the note that was attached together with my order earlier. Work had also kept me busy. ( Oh ya! Thanks Leah, for including the buttercream toppings especially for me. Loved it much! My girlfriends also said, that they would never have guessed that a 7 year old had baked it all. Memang sedap & cantik giler! So anyway, before I forget again, back to the surprise note - Leah & Adele both finger painted this according to their mother when I thanked them. What a wonderful way to end a beautiful day indeed! I am truly humbled. Thank you girls..God Bless

p/s ~ Thanks to everyone who funded Adele through Leah, for the #belanjasomethingnice# cupcakes. Kudos to Anas & all you Zubedyans too for caring. Good job guys & may y'all have a meaningful event!