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#SSNC ~ Mervyn Nakamura

Mervyn Nakamura... Former National Youth Bowling Athlete ( 1999-2004 ), Current Formula Drift Asia Pro Driver and MAS crew

I love working with young people. They remind me of my hopes and dreams. My first flight with Mervyn was ages ago, to Kuching, Sarawak on a nightstop. It was a good trip. We, the whole set of crew, had dinner at Top Spot, the nearest place to have seafood and I remember that Mervyn ended up not eating much of the dishes served as he can't stand the smell of it. I remember teasing him about how weird it is to be half Japanese and yet not like seafood! We felt bad for choosing to eat there, for if we had known about it earlier, we would have gone some place else. He on the other hand,was totally cool about it, didn't make a big fuss at all and from then on, I have liked him since..

We seldom get to fly together and I don't know much about what he does outside the airlines except to sometimes hear stories about him and his favourite sport ~ drifting, from others. At work, I have never heard him talking about it but I remember him inviting me to one of his events before. Unfortunately I did not get to go. It sounds interesting. I am sure I would have enjoyed it earlier on so I have decided to bring my son to watch him drift TODAY. Check out this link to find out more about it. ( ). I didn't even know that he is quite the celebrity, for every time we were to bump into each other at work, he would be the first one to greet me from afar. It is nice to see him doing so well in life now and I do hope, it'll only get much better in the future..He is definitely someone, that I was planning to feature on my blog for the SSNC. Here's a mini interview I had of him :)

Q - When did you start flying & drifting?

A - I started flying with MH the same year I got myself into drifting back in 2004

Q - What influenced you to do this?

A - I've always been into extreme sports. I like to be different from the norm. When drifting came along, I just had to push myself to learn the skill of throwing your car out of control but being in control at the same time. That's a good way to explain what drifting is. Then, after winning my first championship in 2007, Formula Drift came to Asian shores and held its first Formula Drift Asia Pro-Am Singapore in 2008. I just had to compete, therefore I made sure I'd do whatever it took for me to be there. Being a newbie in such a big event (back then) where professional racers from all over Asia and some from the USA lined up the fray, I felt really good knowing the sport I loved had so much respect and reputation from fans from all over the world. From that year onwards, I vowed to join all the Formula Drift events all over SEA. In 2009, I finished a reputable 4th place that eventually placed me 6th in the asian rankings thus earning my Formula Drift Professional License.

Q - What was your worst obstacle & how did you overcome it with regards to drifting?

A - Mainly funds and work commitments.
 I had to propose many companies for sponsorship. Fyi,  Every Formula Drift is broadcasted live on ESPN Star Sports (now FOX Sports)  and has a rough viewership of 330 million viewers all across SEA. It wasn't hard getting sponsorship from those who see value in the wide and vast advertising opportunity.

Q - Who is your biggest critic & supporter?

A - Critic?.. I'd say me, myself and I. I'm such a particular person and most of the time a perfectionist. I will not settle for second best and always push myself to do better runs or to give the crowd a good show. 
- Biggest supporters would be my family, fiancee, good friends and most importantly the fans. without any of them, the sport of drifting would not go mainstream. The fans especially, plays an important role.

Q - What do you love most about Malaysia?

A - Its natural beaches 

Q - Any nice stories to share about your fellow Malaysian drifters or friends in general? 

A - We are all very helpful amongst each other. As much as we are competing against each other in the local events on track, in the pits, the sportsmanship is there, and if anyone needs help regardless which team you are racing for, everyone is ready to lend a helping hand. It feels more like a family and I guess that's the Malaysian in every one of us.

Q - Can we have a little bit background info on your family?

A - My mom is Japanese and dad is Malay, hence the name Mervyn Nakamura. That way, I will always have my mom with me whenever and wherever I am racing. So... that makes me a Jelayu? :)

Q - Last question. Where's your favourite Malaysian destination? 

A - The beaches! Sabah's many beaches are awesome, Redang, Lang Tengah, Perhentians, Tioman, Pangkor... all nice, clean and blue. I'm more of a beach person due to the fact that I'm flying (work) most of the time and drifting (racing) most of the weekends... the beach is a way to break free and relax my mind. Luckily, I can find my slice of heaven in Malaysia.

The # says it all, hehe...

8TV Quickie
Next big event...@ Speedcity kl 31/8 - 1/9/2013
He drifts it...

He smokes it :)

He shreds it!

Aaahh..The perks....

Malaysia's very own rising star

Life in the fast lane ~

That's his fiancee and TJ Wee, a fellow MH crew cum best buddy of his, in the airlines.

I managed to get hold of TJ recently and asked him if he would like to surprise and say something nice about his best friend and this is what he has to say about Mervyn. He has known him for nearly 7 years now and to him, Mervyn is a very nice dude who believes in the importance of friendship and is willing to go all out to do anything just to help a friend in need. Drifting is his world. His free time is always utilized on practice sessions. Mervyn's mother is TJ's Godma and according to him, this drifter is a Mama's Boy. Anything he does, wherever he goes, his mother will be the first to know. It's been like this for the last 29 years. Mother and son enjoys a very close bond.

 He also talks to his car a lot especially when he is ready to enter the race track. A very friendly dude who loves to share his knowledge and expertise to anyone who is interested to learn. When they hang out together for a meal, he'll either order beef or chicken and he'll always say to the waiter, " Saya nak ayam, tapi nak dada sahaja. " Black pepper beef is his favourite and he loves to eat Beef Kolo Mee at Gyuniku Hartamas. 

Besides drifting, he loves playing snooker, darts and bowling. When I asked TJ to describe Mervyn in one word, he immediately replied ~ "AWESOME" ( as a friend, as a son, and as the boyfriend to his girlfriend ). He shared a story with me about something nice he did for Mervyn once. While his best friend was preparing for The World Airlines Bowling Tournament, his bowling bag got stolen and that was quite a blow for him as he didn't have sufficient funds to get a new one. So TJ decided to surprise him, by presenting him with a new bag and written on it was, MERVYN NAKAMURA 69. The guy was so touched it nearly brought tears to his eyes. The number 69 means a lot to Mervyn. It represents balance to everything in life ~ Yin & Yang. It's his MoJo :)  When I asked TJ what can you tell me about Mervyn that many are not aware of ? His reply was, " for your information, Mervyn only drives not more than 100km/h on the road..and that is what's unique about him. When it comes to this drifter, safety is everything! " and " Mervyn loves the beach but the funny part about him is, he must have an air conditioned room to sleep in or else it is a no go for him. "

* Thank you TJ for the sneak peek into Mervyn's world from a third person's point of view. I am happy to have you both as my colleagues :)

All the best later. See you guys there :)

Someone's going places..yeah!!

**  You can get more info about Mervyn on the net, in the news, his own fan page etc..Happy googling folks! ( If you want to get to know TJ, ask me )


Mervyn's parents, TJ & brother plus a snapshot of the two of us at the tracks today ( 1/9/13 )

My baby's first experience, thanks to Mervyn ♥

Ganbatte Mervyn! Keep safe & continue making us proud :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

#SSNC ~ Girlfriends are Angels sent down from above..

Today's blog is meant to be a dedication to all these amazing ladies that have stood by my side during my lowest moments and have always been there either in person or in spirit to celebrate my success. Some, I have known before I became a single parent and others, post divorce. They were and will always be an important part of my life and one of the main contributors to my growth. Memories of us together & their unending generosity will forever remain etched in my heart. People say, choose your friends wisely. They will either make you or break you. I have so many friends. When it comes to friendship, I do not choose. I believe everyone is unique. There are no two person alike, for every single one of them has something to share or teach you. Variety is after all, the spice of life. It keeps my life colourful. I tend to think of each person as being good until proven otherwise. Only then, will I choose to stay away.

What makes these ladies special, is the fact that they love me, care for my family, took the time to keep in touch, to offer support, to not be afraid to tell things like it is - straight into my face, to not be embarrassed by having a friend like me, for accepting me warts and all, for making me feel useful by needing my help sometimes and for most importantly, wanting to be in my life...

Here they are, in no random order :)
1) Leela ~ My colleague, my friend. We flew to Frankfurt nearly 15 years ago and it was our  luck to have served a German couple on board, ( which she still keeps in touch with ) who decided to invite us over to their home and from then on, we have been close friends. Throughout our flying days, we have introduced each other to some of our new international friends that we have met on board and will always try to hang out together, bringing them to visit Malaysia through our eyes. She'll be the one driving, I'll be the one chatting. Leela has a big heart. She includes me in most of her activities. Without fail, she'll invite my family & I to her home for Deepavali every year. FYI ~ Her mom is a good tailor and has sewn a few Saree blouses for me. Her dad is a taxi driver and that must be the reason why, she knows every damn corner and shortcuts there is in KL :)

                                                     " I am OK daaa.. " ~ Leela 

2) Sukee ~ One half of the Saree Queen combo. That's what I call her. Super sexy in a quiet way. Seldom complains at all. The first time she flew with me, she said that I was aloof.  It was during our second flight together that we became fast friends. Not only is she my Clubbing kaki but also my Climbing kaki. I have traveled into deep Borneo jungles with her, coming out of it smelling like shit and yet we managed to enjoy every moment of it. She is quite a strong and brave woman too. Mentally & physically. One who doesn't judge, neither gossips and is always there in fun times & bad times :)
                                                     " Wokie Dokie! " ~ Vasukee

3) Jacqi - Where do I begin? Hmm...She was my batchmate in the Airlines. 1 out of 5 good buddies. Her family was my family away from home.  At one stage, my rented place used to be 10 minutes away from her house and I'll end up spending my free time over there. By then, she had left MH and the country. When she came back, she made me one of her bride's maid and when I gave birth, I made her Ryan's Godma. We were miles apart, but always close at heart. Sometimes, if I am lucky..I'll get to meet up and stay over at her home in Nazareth when I am in New York. We call her The Energizer Bunny. She practically organized her own wedding, half way across the world. I had to only attend! She makes the most awesome pineapple tarts and chocolate brownies ever..A mother of 3 now and is truly a superwoman. I got to meet the latest addition to their family recently. They are home for the summer holidays  :)

  " There comes a time in everybody's life, we have to make hard emotional decisions for the betterment of our self being. You do what you have to do. You will always be my friend. " ~ Jacqi 

4) Jenn ~ One of Jacqi's sister who was there for me when she couldn't be. A person who does not mince her words or wastes time on petty stuff. Being close to Jenn made me feel like as if Jacqi was never gone. An extremely caring and passionate person with a very focused mind. She'll do anything for a friend in need and is truly a beautiful person inside and out. They also have a wonderful elder sister named Judith and I have been so lucky to be loved by them :)

                                       " You are not being true to yourself.." ~  Jenn 

5) Daphne ~ The one that I have known the longest, since childhood. We grew up, went our separate ways (  she was working with SQ while I joined MH a year later ), led our own lives, flew around the world, fell in love, fell out of love, kept in touch through our mothers and a year after I became a single mom, she became my biggest supporter. By then, she was back in KL for good and we had the opportunity to reconnect and get back to basics. She helped me pick up my broken pieces and I helped drag her up Mount Kinabalu :)

                                         " Oii! You so free ah? Mental..." ~ Daphne 

6) Mandana ~ The single one most important friend that was there for me when my marriage went down the drain. I had only known her for about a year before that but because she was a neighbour of mine and has a son of the same age, we ended up spending quite a fair amount of time in each other's houses. She loves my son like her own. My mom was her mom away from home. When I told her that we'll have to move out due to my impending divorce, she was devastated! I was a walking, talking Zombie and everyday, without fail..she will walk over in the hot sun to my home, to pass to my mom the food that she had cooked for us. Her family was our rock. They kept my mom and I sane. Her husband, her son and her sister would keep my son entertained while I cry over her shoulders every day. It was a miserable time for all of us. She felt my pain like as if it is her own. We might be from 2 different countries, but our hearts beat as one. She and her family are now back in Iran but we will always be family to each other :)

                                                    " How is Ryan? " ~ Mandana 

7) Michie ~ One of the prettiest & nicest girls that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Humble and mature beyond her age. A combination of beauty with brains. She left the Airlines a few years ago but not her friends. I attended her lovely wedding, we did a few activities together and she has been Ryan's number one big sister! She surprised him with a collection of Xmas goodies last year, a free massage for my mom a few months ago and is one of them who will be the first to participate  in a good cause that I am in :)

                              " I am interested! Count me in! " ~ Michelle Vanessa Lee

8) Grace ~ I knew her before I became a  mother. We seldom meet because of our tight schedules. She is an avid yoga practitioner and also a colleague of mine but she never fails to find time to keep in touch . She has even surprised me on some occasions with either a gift or her presence. I love how positive and balanced she is. She might be a few years younger than I but believe me, when I say that I value and respect what she has to say, much! A woman that knows her worth and is not afraid to expect nothing less :)

                                           " Tell me when. I'll be there! " ~ Grace 

9) Carol ~ My dive buddy, my hiking mate and fellow Aqua girl. She has been in the Airlines as long as I have been but we have only gotten closer since we started diving together, a year or so ago. Since then, I have come to get to know her better and have enjoyed her company quite a bit. She's fun to be around. I have also been pretty touched by all the things that she has done for my family and I. A Sarawakian lass you can depend on, who keeps true to her word :)

                                                 " Interesting..Nak! " ~    Carol 

10) Sharon & Elsie ~ Two peas in a pod. BFF since college days. Gorgeous Sabahan girls with hearts of gold! Sharon's an amazing singer and once, when I was sad, she sent me a recording of her voice, singing a song about staying happy. It was one of the most meaningful thing anyone has ever done for me and I felt so loved :)

                                     " Bila mau karoks??? " ~ Carol, Sharon & Elsie 

11) Melanie ~ The sweetest subordinate that I have ever had a chance to work with, who is now a very good friend. I first met her on a daily flight to a destination that I have forgotten, 4 years ago. It was the day after my divorce. Mel was looking forward to fly with me. She had heard a lot about me from the rest and wanted to meet me in person. Unfortunately, I was such a wreck that day, therefore she had no choice but to work alone. My body was there but my mind and heart were somewhere else. She sensed my grief but she assumed that someone had died. She asked for my number at the end of the flight and when she finally found out about what happened, she took it upon herself to make me happy again. Every month she would text me her roster, insist that I go out with her on our off days and made sure that I stay connected. She was the one who taught me that life is worth living again, by ingesting dance and music back into my soul :)
                                         " Jas, nak pergi Library tak? " ~ Melanie

12) Doreen ~ Every flying mother needs another flying mother who is just as crazy as her :) She has a lovely daughter the same age as my boy. We enjoy travelling together and taking turns to keep an eye on each other's baby. Our favourite destination? The beach!!!!!

" Yoohoo...Where are you? " ~ Doreen 

13) Yasmin ~ She lives around my area but the day we became closer, she moved away. She's no longer flying and is a full time mom to a wonderful sweet natured and well behaved boy, named Adam. He is the same age as Ryan. Yasmin's a total sweetheart who has been flying for ages, is now retired and finally enjoying family life. She bakes well and I love eating all of it :)  

               " Semoga Allah continue to watch over you & your family Jess.." ~ Nur Yasmin 

14) Casey ~ My pee partner and tent mate at Rinjani that I met for the first time in June 2012. It was love at first sight! We gelled from the start. I believe that people who pee together, stay together and true enough, we have kept in touch since. Casey had gone on to trek Nepal earlier this year for a charitable cause and I did Mount Kinabalu again recently, for a different cause. Even though we did separate climbs, we are each other's #1 fan :)

" Apa you takde ya? You can use my gears. Ganbatte! " ~ Casey 

Casey sent this picture to me the night before I did my recent climb and it helped me to feel motivated.
" It looks like it's glowing from within. " She said. " When the flower withers, the seeds emerges for consumption. It symbolizes beauty ( when it blooms ) and as it matures ( withers ), it becomes a source of food " ~ Casey Ngo

Have a friend, but treat her such,
Never let her know too much, 
For if that friend, may turn a foe,
All your secrets the world will know...

** Some thinks that women are vengeful & horrible backstabbers. I... could not have survived, without my GIRLFRIENDS...They have been more than a blessing in my life.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Love you forever ♥

To my dearest darling baby,

  9 years ago on this date I had to let you go...You were my first miracle. The ONE that also became my most unforgettable teacher. You taught me joy & pain all in one lifetime. You were my child, my best friend & have been my little angel all this while. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me the opportunity of knowing what it is like to share my body & my soul with another. You carried my hopes & my dreams..The day you left, I gave you a part of my soul to keep.

   I really wanted to be with you badly then but I guess God had other plans for us. You now have a brother. He wasn't a replacement & never will be but he has made me his mother too. You & I both know how much we had loved each other, wanted each other, needed each other..I shall never forget my last memory of you. I might not have any physical evidence of your existence anymore but till today, I remember the image of you sucking your thumb, your face turned towards me, the other hand reaching out as if you were trying to tell me something & us, saying our last goodbyes.

  I remember you blossoming inside of me. You were such a beautiful and good baby. I had no morning sickness. It was a lovely pregnancy. The only time I vomited was the day they told me it's time for you to leave. I think you were already aware. I was unwilling to accept our fate and I knew you were just as devastated. You & I, we were both so, so..sad. I remember us retching for hours, afraid of losing each other. I felt gutted. I could feel your heartbeat dying a slow death. It was my worst nightmare! Having you made me such a grateful mom. Losing you was the hardest thing ever. Moving on was all I could do to make you proud & prove to you that your mom is not a quitter. Just like you, she tries her best everyday to survive & just like you, she wants a chance to be the best that she can be. I might not see you, hear you or feel you..but I know that you are there, watching over me, keeping me sane, giving  me strength, reminding me, that we have been through far worse & that everything will eventually be okay.

  It has been 9 long years. A lot has happened since. Your father is no longer with me. Maybe God knew this was bound to be, so HE decided to save you from a life full of agony. I now understand how much HE loves us. HE brought you into my life to show me my possibilities, HE took you away to lessen my burden, not to teach me a lesson. Stay well baby. Stay happy. May you be surrounded by plenty of love. May you be void of pain, for I shall bear it for you...

  Sending you never ending hugs & blowing you lots of meaningful kisses. May the universe grant my wish in making you feel loved & remembered for all of eternity ♥

" I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be "
                                                                                               Always with love,
                                                                                                  Your mummy

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stop acting so small ♥

" Paper? " rushing in rudely, he asks me. " No, my name's  Jasmin." I answered sweetly. He went " huh? " I smiled and acted stupid. I knew exactly what he wanted. I was being cheeky. The first thing they do when they board the aircraft is to open their mouth and ask this question. What is wrong with a " hello " or a " hi " to start off a conversation.  Sometimes I feel like a broken tape recorder, churning out the same script, getting the same response which is either silence, a mumble or a nasty remark especially if there were no more papers for them to read. Sigh, like as if I am not right in front of you smiling from ear to ear. If you are deaf or dumb I wouldn't have minded at all but to completely ignore me and to look past me like as if I am made of glass or to pretend that I am not even there is plain rude. To blame me for not being able to provide your daily dose of news is utterly and comically pointless. I can go on and on about passengers and their love affairs with newspapers but I'd rather leave it at that.

Then, there are those who would make their presence felt. These folks are the first to greet you, to ask how your day has been or to personally thank you at the end of it by making you feel great when in fact you were only carrying out your duty and nothing more. These are far and few in between but good enough to make one's day.

You and I, we face life situations day in and day out. Mostly, it is the human kind that we fear the most. People could either lift you up or break you down. It only becomes a problem, if you let them. The good news is, you can choose to block out the unwanted. Does someone have to create a button, a click or a function such as the ones available on Facebook for you, before you can proceed? Individuals that have hurt you are never really deleted from your memory unless you are able to convince yourself that they are just not worth your pain, time or effort and move on.

      YOU, are GOD's little miracle. He gave you the POWER to decide. CHOOSE wisely.

I read somewhere  recently about choices and I liked what it says. Women, take note. " Open books, not legs. Blow minds, not guys. " I have had my own fair share of disappointments, setbacks, failures and being taken for a ride. It is especially frustrating when you try your very best and yet it is still never enough. Be careful whom you rely on for support when you are at your lowest especially when it comes to men. Chances of you falling head over heels with your saviour is high. I did and I know, you might too. What both of us did was just to transfer our hopes and dreams to another person and that is futile. He did make you feel wholesome again but what happens when he decides to leave or when he feels that you no longer needs saving? Some do it genuinely out of empathy and sympathy. You can't expect them to love you when they don't. When you are broken, any amount of concern will be taken as a form of love and care by you. When you are back up on your feet, you tend to put these people on a pedestal when you should be patting yourself on the back first. No one could have gotten you out of your black hole had you not done the hard work in the first place. There is so much one can do to inspire another but it is you who must want it badly enough to change your future. They were placed there for you by the Universe thanks to your own inner voices. There's this conversation between a master and his student that I read somewhere. The student asks, " What should I do when I feel discouraged? " The master replies, " Encourage others. " See how the Universe works? No one is perfect. Not even your saviour. The difference is they don't stay depressed for long and instead focus on turning it into something useful. In time, they will come to realize their worth. Isn't it about time you snap out of it and do something useful too? Time to wake up and see the world as it is. You are not alone. I have gone through it. You are going through it now. Someone else will be going through it someday. It is not a one time thing. It comes and goes whenever it pleases and stays as long as it is welcomed. The trick is to be able to handle it better the next time around and be so good at it that someday, you are able to smile politely, slam the door right in its face and be totally unaffected by it, before moving on with whatever you were busy doing earlier.

There are those whom you think have everything and wouldn't need or want anything else, so you envy them. You compare yourself to them. You wish you could be them. Did you ever think what it is like for them? What they had to lose in order to be where they are today? You have only seen the outcome. Were you there throughout the whole process? What makes you think that we are that different from each other? Are they happier than you can be if you had allowed yourself to be? You might think that you have nothing but did you know, that your nothing is their everything? You have someone to love, who loves you in return. They don't. You have children, try as they might, they can't have any. There are also those who worked their asses off to be recognize for their achievements, contribute to society and yet, no amount of money could give them back the good health that you are currently enjoying. Why are they still not giving up on life? What is their secret? It is in their giving that they find life worth living and if it works for them, what is stopping you? They might have spouses but they don't have your freedom. You might not have money but you have time. You complain about how neurotic your parents are, constantly telling you what to do, but have you thought of the rest who wished they had parents who cared or how much they would trade, to have these wise old folks in their lives again? 

See how similar we all are? I could continue listing down plenty more of grievances and blessings. Why don't you do the math instead on your own lives and come to your own conclusions. No one is forever happy neither will you be always sad. Try being your very own cheerleader and bestfriend. It is weird to compare and envy others or complain about your misfortunes. We tend to think that the grass is always greener on the other side when all one has to do, is to tend to his or her own garden. No two lives are alike and yet we will all have our fair shares of ups and downs. Why then give in to temptations, quick fixes or your life completely when we both know that life is a cycle. If it is not your time to die yet, why would you rather live through it miserably when it is up to you to make it better? Imagine the world of good that you are capable of doing. I love words of wisdom. Rumi once said, " Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. " Isn't that beautiful? 

Your loss is my gain. Your rubbish is my treasure. One man's meat is another man's poison. Haven't we heard all this before? Ain't that the truth! Equal opportunity for everyone. No matter what happens, persevere ~ have faith both in yourself and God, continue hoping for all things good, do the neccessary and believe in the true essence of love.

When I had to shut down to feed my anger or sadness, there was no FB to share my feelings with back then. I have never even heard of blogging. Everything was either kept hidden in my memory, a diary or a few willing pair of ears and strong shoulders to cry on. I was technologically challenged and still am. I felt that if fewer people knew of my mess, the lesser the embarrassment. Being cool, calm and collected takes years of practice and understanding of oneself. I am still trying to stay balanced. Not many knows what you are going through unless you tell them. Choosing the right people to share your troubles with is also a delicate process. Trust is such an elusive and overated word. One day, you could both be the best of friends and the next day, the world's greatest enemy. Knowing that, however, has yet to stop me from confiding. After all, you can't blame the wind for sharing its secrets with the trees. The best is to live your life with integrity. Only then, will you have nothing to hide. Besides, I believe everyone needs an outlet. Unfortunately, nowadays with the abundance of technology over the social media, things can get quite complicated. If you do not know how to control your emotions wisely, everything you say, send out or do will be your electronic *tattoo*. That's dangerous when you want to get over something fast and not to be reminded of it often or ever again. People might misunderstand or abuse the said knowledge. Life can be hard. It might even affect your chances and lessen your opportunities! Having said that, it hasn't stopped many from bouncing back :)

Seeing someone posting wonderful shots of their happy moments on FB or Instagram could also trigger your depression. When you are happy, it is easier to share someone else's happiness but when you are sad, you'll feel ten times lousier. So, perhaps instead it is a better idea to reach out internally, shut down the computer, ask for help from genuine people who are experts at it and open yourself up to new possibilities. Learn something new. Get close to nature. Be one with yourself. Heal from within and then only share the beauty with all. Happiness is contagious. We need more of that and what better way than to share our triumph over adversities. Teach others how to survive. Share your fears and show them how you overcame it. You were, you are and always will be a winner as long as you don't give up on life! Stay connected. 

                   Nature and the wonderful mind of mankind works wonders together ♥

I try not to envy others for I know that everyone is struggling with their own inner demons and outside forces. Nothing is what it seems. I write in the hope that you are able to understand the difference between illusions and reality, to not judge others and rather choose to be compassionate, as well as make full use of the life that has been given to you. People say that you only live once. That is wrong. You live everyday. You only die once. Then again, some did come back to life even when they were pronounced dead! It only shows to prove that nothing is impossible. The World is your ♥yster. Remember that my de:)R