Sunday, December 14, 2014

Paint your gift of love this Christmas with Poesy Liang

It's the season to be jolly!

I can't say enough how much Christmas reminds me of love, friendship & family. December also reminds me of birthdays ( my mom & brother's ) & happy holidays..I used to joke with family and friends alike that it is always the month that I will end up spending the most, buying gifts & splurging on holidays for my loved ones.

This year, my girlfriend Poesy gave me a wonderful gift of love this Christmas. A private lesson & a little sneak peak into her world of arts. It was a joy seeing her in action and at the same time sitting next to her in the gallery, creating my very own interpretation of art. She has just started a new exhibition & came up with this brilliant idea recently on providing a one off mentorship program for anyone who is interested to learn something new as well as an opportunity to come up with a meaningful & unique gift from the heart. Here in lies another creative way to say thank you, I love you and that I think of you often. Spend a few hours with Poesy & let your imagination flow. Trust me, you won't regret this investment. In fact, you'll have a jolly good time!

You may contact her at the number below to book your own appointment for either a view of her many beautiful works of art or for the one off mentorship program. Poesy is aware that not everyone is able to afford her paintings hence that is why she has decided on this lovely idea of guiding us step by step, to create our very own little miracles. If you can spare 3 hours or so of your time for this, I assure you that you'll leave with not only the end product but also a higher dose of self confidence & awareness not to mention, a healthy appetite of wanting to be more inspired from within. If I may say so myself, it can really be addictive.

So please, do contact Poesy Liang at the number above or leave her a message if you'd like to see her in action as well as check out her creations. Plenty of stuff to admire. She'll give you a personal tour and explain the story behind each of her paintings. On the other hand, the one off mentorship program costs only RM 500. It comes with a set of utensils that you will be able to bring home with you for future creations.

I went off to visit her one evening with a vision of love in mind. I was in the mood to create something adorable for Christmas & so we agreed on the Gingerbread couple. It was a spur of the moment decision, one that I am always known for. A little bit anxious at the beginning but I got into the groove once my heart & mind took me away.

So, I first started with a sketch, then I chose my colour scheme & theme..Slowly but surely, it started to take shape. Along the way, like a dutiful student, I will walk up to my teacher & ask for pointers.

There are times when I'd freak out & she'd smile. My mistakes on the canvas were no big deal to her. In a second, she taught me how to rectify it. It was a combination of nerve's wrecking & moments of being enlightened! In short, amazingly fun!

While I was busy concentrating away, she continued with her work. Multi tasking in between whenever I needed a helping hand. She kept on reminding me to drink & have a bite at her chocolate cake but I was so engrossed at what I was doing that I didn't even feel hungry or thirsty. Now I understand how artists feel when they are in the zone. It is like getting your hands on an interesting book that you can't afford to put down, not until you have read all the way till the end. She is indeed blessed with many delightful talents!

That few hours together, working on our own piece, made me feel truly connected with her. It was very kind of her to have included me in her world. I really got to enjoy myself much. Time went by so fast that I was a little bit sad when we had to call it a night.

The painting below is my favourite of her Cupcake Cat Series. You might have a different favourite. Do come visit & see for yourselves.

Poesy's strength lies in her steady strokes & lines. You can see it especially on the Rooftop Cat Series. It took her years to be good at what she does. How lovely it is to have the know how & capabilities of creating beauty out of nothing at all.

I used a Sharpie instead of a brush for the outlines as I was afraid of messing it further. Even then it took some effort to have a steady hand. No wonder art does not come cheap! It really is a labor of love.

The RM 500 art mentorship comes with these useful items. She'll provide you with a 1 feet square canvas board, 24 colours, 15 brushes & a palette. Below is the colour wheel included for your future reference too.

I am glad I jumped at the idea of wanting to do this. My fingers are itching to paint something new now. It is amazing how theraupeutic I felt brushing the strokes onto the canvas. Best of all, it is the company and the people that I am surrounded by that makes me feel like I am on top of the world & that I am capable of far more than I give myself credit for.

Thank you Poesy for caring & sharing your passion with me. May you continue to shower us with your blessings ♥

Merry Christmas Everyone & A Happy New Year! It has indeed been a wonderful December for me so far. Looking forward to many more pleasant days ahead.

Oh! By the way, that's Harry Putter, her pet cat ( I adore that little fellow ) with Kelly Siew, one of Poesy's close friend. Kelly chose to paint her passion for music as a Christmas gift to herself this year. How apt! Love the colours..

Poesy's a natural born teacher. She has the skill, dedication and plenty of heart in ensuring that others are left enriched by her presence. Before I sign off, here's a lovely picture of Ryan sketching a giraffe while she gently encourages him on. I am a happy mummy. Praise the Lord for our very own Living Angels :)

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