Monday, November 4, 2013

Namaste :)

Hola! I am back. I had an amazing experience in Nepal recently. Best place to rewire my brains, rejuvenate my heart and tune up my muscles. 2 whole weeks spent over there trekking the Annapurna Base Camp route with a couple of friends. The fourth member of the group unfortunately couldn't make it at the very last minute.

Plenty of photographs to share, too many stories to mention and some are meant to be forever private. What happens in Nepal, stays in Nepal! Besides, it will be better for you to come over here and experience it for yourselves. No regrets whatsoever! I'll definitely want to come back and trek some other routes if I do get a chance. Not only did I love the food ( ate non stop ) and lifestyle ( haven't felt so relax in a very long time ), I gain plenty of new found friends and insights that will forever enrich my soul. Oh by the way, the live band at Club Amsterdam in Pokhara was super duper awesome!

Time stood still while I was in the land of the Sherpas and Gurkhas. This is also the land where Siddharta Ghautama was born. The view along the way was mesmerizing. I huffed and puffed and yet everytime I reach a pit stop for the night I felt like as if I can go on forever. I did not want to miss a thing. Too many things to see, too little time to cover it all. Not only are the Nepalese wonderful hosts ( I had a wonderful guide named Deep and his two nephews, Kebin and Amar as our porters ) but even the tourists are just as nice.

Everyone is in such a relaxed and happy mood that it makes me feel so welcome and wanting to be just as friendly as well. Where else in the world can you see people from all walks of life, whatever your nationality, greeting each other throughout the trek with a single common word ~ NAMASTE. Hearing that when my energy's depleting and when it is accompanied by a smile on their face, puts a spring into my step and gets my feet moving. It is like a little cheer that boosts you forward.

Not a single worry to cloud my mind. Other than hoping to avoid AMS ( altitude mountain sickness ) and the fact that I missed my baby, I went fully prepared, mentally and physically to embrace the experience ahead with a childlike wonderment and enthusiasm that only a silly girl like me is capable of. My fellow trekkers Ravi & Mark were awesome companions. I came home fulfilled, recharged and ready to rumble!

Here are some of the pictures that I took along the way. It was an adventure of a lifetime and I am glad that I got to enjoy every moment of it to the max. Needless to say, we made it to base camp safely and back :)

                                             A butterfly I met along the journey

                                                  You see a horse. I see a unicorn

                  I made sure I asked this fellow permission before I used its master's toilet

They won't stop for you. Get out of the way or you'll get hit. FYI ~ Mark calls me a plodder after these animals, for the way I trek. He means it in the sweetest way of course..

                                                 Wild flowers to keep me going

                        I love dogs. I have dozens of photos of them throughout my trek

                  Ahh! Don't forget to stop and smell the roses. I did and will always do

                   The first morning that I woke up on my trek, I was greeted by this scene.

I was so excited when I saw my first puppy. It was the one and only along the trek.

Plenty of waterfalls to keep me invigorated

The colour purple. Reminds me of my Barney bolster that my son had promise to take care of, on my behalf. He sleeps with it whenever I am away.

Plenty of bunga tahi ayam ( bunga pagar ) to keep me wondering why can't they give it a better name..Marigold sounds much classier

                                      The chicken and cocks are all so huge over here

Bumped into these mountain goats when I was on my way down to soak in the hot springs at Jhinu. I grabbed a cute little kid and gave it a kiss! Who cares, we were both just as smelly..

A helicopter rescue during the day at Deurali. That same night, I heard my neighbour vomiting. It was scary. Plenty of rescues going on from that point onwards.

                              My alone time.. Hot Chocolate to welcome me to base camp, yeay!

                                             Jasmin was here..Hell yeah! I did it :)

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