Tuesday, January 28, 2014

You Jump, I Jump, Right?

I can't believe how fast time flies! This is my 19th year sitting for the Safety, First Aid & Evacuation Procedures yearly exam. It's a wonder that I have not been teaching at training school instead. Perhaps, the joy of flying has always been my first love. Having said that, I am still able to teach, guide & share my knowledge even whilst on board, therefore the need to stay put was never an issue. Maybe, someday..who knows..I shall retire my wings :)

Going back for training is fun. Nostalgic even..Staying current is a must, be it for Safety classes or otherwise. In fact, whenever I am at the Academy, I look forward each time to catching up with old & new buddies ( colleagues & instructors alike ), lovely time outs ( non stop toilet breaks for sleepy me & suicidal breaks for the ciggie lovers ~ plus breakfast, coffee, lunch & tea time in between), gossip corners via CCN a.k.a Cabin Crew News network, admiring the new batch of juniors that are undergoing lessons then, whom I am positively sure, will be working with me in the near future & most importantly, to upgrade my skills or knowledge for my own betterment as well as to benefit others.

Here are some shots & video clips shared by my friends and I, just incase you are interested to know what it is like to be one of us ~ We are not JUST Trolley Dolly's, mind you..There is more to us that meets the eye..Come & let's get acquainted. WE are ~ Ladies & Gentlemen Serving Ladies & Gentlemen :)

                               Aircraft Mock-Up Area ~ Taking A Break After The Door Drills :)

                                                  Cabin Evacuation Drills ~ Done!

                   Ritta & Maria, Swooshing Down In Style..The Co Pilots Buzzing After...

                                                          Keep Calm... and Jump!

                              If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Not Big Enough..

                                               Wet Drill Practice 2014 ~ Completed!

                                          Child CPR In Progress..Way To Go Siti Hawa!

          Hah! Becka..Becka..Bila Lagi Nak Buli Bos Kau Ye? Sabar Je Lah Izani...Cepatttt :)

                               Shila's Sugar Rush ~  MuAaHaHahHaHaaaah.. ArgHHHH!!!

             Time To Wake Up Babeh! A Kiss By Hot Mama Suerieyana Should Do The Trick ;)

                            Maria's Turn To Perform A Chest Compression On An Infant

                                           Infant Choking ~ Mcza To The Rescue, Yeay!

                                 The Young Ladies & I. They Are Already Leaders In The Making :)

                          Shila's reminding us, " Do It Once, Do It Right. Get It Over With! "

                    Flying Mamas ~ The Real Aircraft Models, Next To An Aircraft Model :)

Cold Feets..Butterflies In The Stomachs..What's Love Got To Do With It? Exam Jitters Lah :P

                                               I am done! Legaaa...Say Cheese...Hehe!

                  Congratulations Everyone :) Happy Flying & Safe Flights Always! Xoxo.....

Rose said, " It is not up to you to save me, Jack. " To which Jack replied, " You are right...Only you can do that. " Titanic

** This blog entry is dedicated to a lovely lady, who passed on earlier last week, leaving plenty still in shock.

                                      MH 20/CDG - B747 Upper deck galley..Feb 1998

In loving memory of Lss Naelah Bushra ~ Part time Safety Instructor, a fellow sister in Kebaya & friend to many. Gone too soon.. A loving daughter, wife & mother. Al Fatihah ♥  

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